Microsoft launches new Windows 10 keyboard which features hidden security update

Microsoft unveiled their successor to the Surface Keyboard, the Modern Keyboard, which looks virtually identical to its predecessor.

However, tucked away between the alt and ctrl keys is a hidden fingerprint scanner. It is designed to blend into the keyboard so it appears like any other key to the undiscerning eye.

MICROSOFT has quietly unveiled a new, sleek Windows 10 input device which has a hidden security feature.

Describing the feature, Microsoft said: “Our vision was to blend the Fingerprint reader into a keyboard, so it would appear to be any other key.

“We iterated relentlessly to improve each layer, making sure they came together to create a flawless typing experience that felt like any other key.”

The fingerprint scanner lets users log into Windows 10 or websites using Windows Hello.

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The Modern Keyboard will work with Windows 10, MacOS and the latest Android versions.

The Microsoft product comes in a silver and grey finish, and can work as a wired keyboard, or wireless via Bluetooth 4.0.

Microsoft said the Modern Keyboard will work particularly well with Windows 10 Surface Studio, Pro and Laptop devices.

It will also work with computers using Windows 8 and above as well as the Windows 10 Phone. In the States it has been priced at $129.99 (£101.58).

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Microsoft also unveiled the Modern Mouse, which features near invisible buttons and a metal scroll wheel.

It uses Bluetooth 4.0 and Microsoft promised the mouse boasts "exceptional precision.”
It requires a pair of AAA batteries, while the Modern Keyboard is powered off of a rechargeable battery.
No specific release date has been given, but both devices are “coming soon”.
The Surface Keyboard, which was only recently debuted, is currently available and costs £89.99 from the Microsoft Store.

MICROSOFT has quietly unveiled a new, sleek Windows 10 input device which has a hidden security feature. Breaking News, Technology, Microsoft, Sticky, Windows Store

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